Combustible Cladding

Dapcor is an expert in combustible cladding replacement.

Combustible cladding is one of the most significant issues facing strata managers and residential and commercial building owners. The fact is, if your cladding does not comply with the Australian Building Codes Board standards you are putting lives at risk and you might be breaking the law. It’s also important to remember the care you take in maintaining your property can directly impact the value of your asset.

Dapcor’s remedial experts can help you manage and replace combustible cladding on your:

  • Commercial building
  • Residential (Multi-residential and strata property)
  • Retail premises (Public buildings/Government)
  • Company title buildings
  • Retirement villages
Combustible Cladding

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Combustible Cladding

Experience the Dapcor Difference

In partnership with consulting engineers, we help to analyse the problem

and devise solutions that enables Dapcor to offer:

  • Replacement cladding procurement
  • Combustible cladding removal and replacement
  • Cladding system engineering
  • Project management
  • Extended manufacturers’ warranties
  • Services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra
  • Cladding system engineering

The scale of the problem prompted an Australian Tax Office ruling in 2017

that removing and replacing external cladding is treated as a capital improvement. To see if your combustible cladding capital works are deductible, it’s worth visiting the ATO website.

Type of cladding replacement

Non-compliant cladding has a non-fibre foam or polyethylene core which melts when exposed to extreme heat and has a similar caloric value to diesel fuel. Dapcor’s combustible cladding replacement experts can replace non-compliant cladding using a number of alternatives:

  • Solid aluminium panels
  • Aluminium core composite panels
  • Architectural compressed fibre cement panels
Combustible Cladding

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