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We offer a comprehensive range of services underpinned by highly skilled tradespeople and experienced project managers.
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Waterproofing & Membranes

From rooftops to balconies and bathrooms, we provide quality waterproofing.


Concrete Repairs

We diagnose and then repair the underlying causes of concrete deterioration.

Combustible Cladding

Safety, compliance and asset value drive our work on combustible cladding.

Building Structural Repairs

Strategy and reliability mean our remedial repairs future-proof your project.

Commercial Pool Refurbishment

We provide commercial pool refurbishment from Olympic level to hotel lap pool.

Building Facade Upgrades

Maximising capital expense and asset value with fast, safe facade upgrades.

Building Defect Repairs

From roofing to drainage to tiling faults, we bring your project to code.

Building Refurbishment

We add new life to your building with renovations, new products and extensions.


Dapcor delivers construction, building and repair services to a range of sectors, from commercial and residential to industrial and government.


Dapcor delivers building repairs from balconies, balustrades and doors to aluminum cladding, concrete cancer and waterproofing.

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