Concrete Repairs

Dapcor diagnoses and repairs concrete cancer and cracks.

From concrete cancer, chipping and cracks, Dapcor’s concrete repair experts provide professional remedial services for residential, strata and commercial projects.

When repairing concrete it’s essential to understand the underlying causes of concrete deterioration. By doing so, Dapcor’s experts look past the top level warning signs to get to the root cause of the problem with your:

  • Concrete driveway
  • Concrete floor
  • Concrete slab
  • Concrete surface/balconies
  • Concrete structure
Concrete repairs

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Experience the Dapcor Difference

Dapcor has more than 40 years experience concrete repairs, offering:

  • Problem analysis and solution planning
  • Extended manufacturers’ warranties
  • Costs reduction solutions to concrete repairs
  • Services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra

Type of concreting

Concrete cancer and serious cracks  can be a costly problem for residential and commercial building owners and strata managers. Failing to get to the root cause of the issue can result on ongoing work and ultimately greater cost.

Drawing on a range of approaches, Dapcor’s concrete repair experts can apply a wide variety of solutions, including:

  • Corrosion inhibitors – helping to reduce the corrosion rate of the concrete
  • Epoxy repair mortars – solids of epoxy with graded sand troweled to create a heavy duty coating
  • Polymer modified repair mortars – using polymers directly applied to concrete to bind and build strength
  • Shortcrete repairs – projecting mortar or concrete pneumatically onto a surface
  • Magnasite removal and repair – removal of magnesite topping to locate contaminated chloride concrete and repair.

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