Project Description

Large scale remediation in Lindfield

This residential apartment complex required significant remediation, waterproofing and structural rectification works. Find out how we completed the work with minimal disruption and a focus on the client.

History of significant water ingress 

This residential development has two blocks of 44 apartments across five levels. Both blocks had a long history of significant water ingress. This was affecting a large proportion of the units and essentially the owners’ living environment. 

The issues were largely attributed to defective rooftop membranes, structural steel, balcony membranes and precast sealant joints.

The car park and the ground floor slabs are conventionally reinforced cast-in-situ concrete. The upper levels are primarily constructed of segmented precast slab panels. The floor slabs within both buildings are predominantly supported by tilt-up pre-cast panels. 

Remediation on a large scale

The project required a large range of activities: waterproofing balconies and all flat roofs; tiling; coating the facade with waterproof membrane paint; remediation of fire rated steel angles supporting the slab, and resealing of all the external precast walls with fire-rated material. 

We also completed the internal make-good of all top floor corner units (walls, floors and ceilings); underpinning works to the whole property to correct sinkholes and unsound ground; replacement of defective windows, sliding doors and skylights, and replacement of flashings throughout both buildings.

Project Details


Remedial, Facade


Lindfield, NSW


Premium Strata Pty Ltd


$3 million


48 weeks


July 2020

Dapcor Project - 1-3 Eton Rd, Lindfield
Dapcor Project - 1-3 Eton Rd, Lindfield
Regent Street
Dapcor Project - 1-3 Eton Rd, Lindfield
Dapcor Project - 1-3 Eton Rd, Lindfield

A solution to every problem

Re-sealing all of the external panels was a challenge due to both the weather and getting access. We met the challenge by utilising a variety of access including boom lifts, abseiling and scaffolding. 

When it came to the remediation of the shelf angles, Dapcor provided its construction expertise by using a combination of propping and engineered hanging beams to maintain the stability of the precast concrete roof panels.

This meant less internal disruption to the owners as well as a safer and more durable building.

Minimal disruption to residents 

Working in a live environment can bring potential disruption and inconvenience to owners. It’s why Dapcor has a strong culture of teamwork and drive for customer satisfaction.

This approach was appreciated by the owners of 1-3 Eton Road, both in their feedback and in their generous offer to shout an end-of-project barbecue.   

A great finished product

Both buildings are now structurally sound and waterproofed adhering to NCC (National Construction Code) and AS (Australian Standards) creating a safe, enjoyable environment for owners, families and the community.

With the help of engineering firm Acor Consulting, we delivered a great finished product that exceeded client expectations.