Project Description

Facade refurbishment and waterproofing works

This apartment block in Campbelltown required façade refurbishment and waterproofing works, including a lot of render repairs, repainting with a new colour scheme, re-guttering and waterproofing of all balcony areas.

Interestingly, cockatoos were demolishing the softer material of the facade with their beaks. 

We came up with an innovative solution to solve the problem: nicely painted steel stips placed over the top of the window. It meant the birds would slide off and not be able to get their beaks into the material.

We also completed structural work on columns, and replaced all the sliding doors at the bottom. 

In order to warrant products like windows and doors, we had to follow the building code and raise the levels of the doors and windows to meet the standard. This is a common issue when doing waterproofing.

The owners of the building were happy with the finished job, even organising a BBQ on site and getting cake for everyone. A great result.

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