Project Description

Waterproofing and Landscaping

This project began with a mystery: what was killing the lawn?

It turns out Regis Apartments in Toowong, Queensland, had leakage and drainage issues.

Inadequate drainage of the lawn area was causing the grass to die, and water was leaking into the basement car park from the area above.

Once we’d diagnosed the issues we commenced remediation work on plumbing and drainage.

Working in a live environment, we waterproofed the podium slab above the car park area. We also replaced hard and soft landscaping including planter boxes, lawn area and decorative concrete.

We worked closely with the materials supplier to install a top-quality waterproofing membrane system.

The result was a rejuvenated communal area and leak-free car park, all completed with minimal disruption to residents.

Project Details




Toowong, QLD


Body Corporate




9 weeks


November 2019

The Regis - Before
The Regis
The Regis
The Regis
The Regis
The Regis