Project Description

Remediation, structural repairs and civil works

When working in a live environment it’s important to minimise the impact of building works on residents. This is particularly important when those residents have mobility challenges.

This project took place at a retirement village and comprised of three completely separate components. We installed a new bowling green, refurbished the swimming pool and rebuilding driveway including all associated civil works.

To fix leaks and make the pool easier to use for those with mobility challenges, we stripped the whole pool and rebuilt from the existing base. We made it more shallow and created smoother external surfaces, eliminating mobility concerns.

We also rebuilt and waterproofed the complete bowling green, situated over the top of the parking garage. The rebuild took into account altering dimensions of the new green, waterproofing the whole area and the installation of completely new synthetic bowling green surface.

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Project Details





The Grange, Waitara
The Grange Driveway
The Grange Pool
The Grange Green
The Grange Green
The Grange Pool