Project Description

Defective cladding proving a risk

This 45 storey high-rise building was suffering from defective cladding and needed some serious remedial repair.

The rooftop cladding had become a potential hazard with the risk of materials falling from the facades to the pavement below. Not only that, but the rooftop was also leaking into the units below.

Replacing defective cladding to reduce risk

An assessment found the building needed defective cladding replaced, along with waterproofing and associated repairs.

The aim of the project was to maintain the integrity of the building envelope and remove the risk to the public.

Cantilevered scaffold solution

To achieve the highest level of safety, we built a cantilevered scaffold over the side of the level 45 roof which was then fully encapsulated to create a safe working environment.

To ensure leaking would not remain an issue, we installed top-quality waterproofing membrane with technical assistance from the materials supplier.

As an added complexity to the project, we also coordinated works with the mechanical contractors who installed a new hot water system and temporarily relocated all operational chiller units.

Project Details




Brisbane, QLD


Oaks Hotel Group




19 weeks


October 2019

Charlotte Towers
Charlotte Towers
Charlotte Towers
Charlotte Towers