Project Description

Expanded scope at this Hurstville apartment building

A flexible approach due to original errors.

The aim of this project was to complete major waterproof membrane, flashing and facade remediation work. Due to the extent of the demolition required to complete the remedial work, this provided an opportunity to upgrade and add value to the building, including new balustrades.

The logistics of the project covered an open rooftop area, exposed balconies and various steel facade elements.

Opportunities from unexpected variations

A challenging aspect of the project was uncovering an unreinforced stormwater tank the size of a swimming pool. This halted the project and required the removal of the scaffold; digging up the courtyard, and rebuilding foundations, columns and structural work before works could recommence.

To increase work efficiency, Dapcor craned an excavator to the rooftop to excavate and shift material. Before initiating this solution we gained engineer certification that the existing roof slab could take the additional load.

Increasing property value

The result of this project was a 15 percent increase in the value of the building. This was due to the major waterproofing works, but also the value-added installation of new aluminium balustrades, tiled balconies and an architectural facade coating system as identified by Dapcor during the project.

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Project Details






Ray White Carlton




40 weeks



1 Finney St, Hurstville
1 Finney St, Hurstville
1 Finney St, Hurstville
1 Finney St, Hurstville
1 Finney St, Hurstville