Project Description

Re-waterproofing podium level

Long-term leaks caused structural implications. This job looked primarily at re-waterproofing of all the podium slabs adjoining all townhouses.

They had a lot of water leaks coming through the podium slabs connecting to different houses situated above the subterranean parking levels.

We waterproofed all the podium and outside areas on the ground floor, incorporating all the cavity flashing and determination detailing around the adjoining walls and doors.

We also realigned the stairs that were not in accordance with the building code. A big challenge we had to overcome was the balustrade height, which was pushing the minimum requirements.

We came up with a new product to lower the levels while keeping the same balustrades and complying with the building code.

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28-36 Nursery St, Hornsby
28-36 Nursery St, Hornsby
28-36 Nursery St, Hornsby